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The Paint and Varnish Industry requires a wide variety of pumps. Different types of solvents are used in the Paint and Varnish Industry. These solvents need to be transferred, measured and blended with other solvents or media. Roto Pumps provide highly efficient and effective solutions for accurate metering, dosing, and fluids transfer in such scenarios. They also make sure that the flow of the media is consistent and gentle.

The pumps used in the Paint, Ink, and Varnish Industry are Industrial RD/RM series Pump, WM series wide throat pump, Twin Screw Pumps, AODD pumps & Dosing Pumps. We also provide seal-less progressive cavity pumps with magnetic drive coupling to ensure zero leakage. These pumps are used for various applications such as latex, oil-paste, ink, paint, paint slurry, paint emulsion, resins, varnish, solvents, etc.

During the paint production, a wide variety of Roto Pumps are used for different pumping applications.

1.The Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pumps transfer the mixture of fine grain paint pigments, resins, and other solvents from the feed tank to the mixing unit.
2.An initial emulsion mixer paste is formed by mixing the entire batch of pigments and additives.
3.Progressive Cavity Pumps are used to transfer the initial emulsion mixture paste from the mixing unit to the dispersion milling unit, for further grinding and mixing,
4.The pigment is now blended with the solvent, by a circular toothed blade attached to the rotating shaft.
5.This solvent is transferred from the dispersion unit to the Tinting & Thinning tank, by the Twin Screw Pump. Here the solvent is mixed with the thinner agents to produce the final product.
6.The finished paint is finally transferred to the storage tank by the Progressive Cavity Pump. The final product is then sent for canning, packing, and shipping.

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