Twin Screw Pumps Manufacturers

The Twin Screw Pumps function on the principle of positive displacement. A set of two spindles located inside a closed compartment helps to pull the liquid from the suction side of the pump as they rotate in opposite directions. A small gap is maintained between the casing inside the compartment and the rotating spindles. The spindles are fitted with timing gears at their ends. Besides these, a motor is used to start these pumps. The spindles pull the liquid towards the center while maintaining a perfect hydraulic balance. In this way, the liquid efficiently passes towards the discharge end of the pumps.

Roto Pumps offers top-quality Twin Screw Pumps with a unique feature of double profile screw spindles which ensures higher volumetric capability. These pumps comply to API 676, 3rd edition and are approved ATEX and CE.

Horizontal Internal Bearing

Horizontal External Bearing

Vertical Twin Screw Pump

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