Snake Pumps are built and designed to efficiently handle the transfer of thick and highly viscous fluids. These pumps are also known as single screw pump or progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are an ideal choice to transfer liquids with varied viscosities, abrasiveness and with solid concentration. These pumps are capable of maintaining a uniform flow of the liquids. The speed of these pumps can also be manipulated as per the required flow of fluids. In these pumps, pressure is inversely proportional to flow of the pump.

Roto’s Snake Pumps are a kind of Positive Displacement Pumps. Their primary parts consist of a rotor and a stator. The material from which the stator is built depends upon the requirement of the application. Usually synthetic rubber like elastomer or fluoro-elastomer are used in its construction. The rotor is made from stainless steel, hard-coated stainless steel or hard-coated carbon steel. It is usually built in the shape of a helix.

When the rotor starts rotating inside stator, it form cavities which help in transfer of liquid from suction to discharge. Roto’s snake pumps are non-clogging, reversible and have low NPSHR and low internal velocity. These pumps are customized based on application requirement.

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