Different types of chemical solvents are used in Paint and ink industry. Roto pumps are designed for accurate metering and dosing and also ensure gentle and consistent flow. Its adaptable seal can be customized according to designated solvent used in media.

  • Blend, meter & transfer pigments, oils, resins etc. to Feed Hopper Tank
  • Transfer for raw paste slurry from feed hopper slurry to Mixing unit
  • Transfer of pre-mix paste slurry from Mixing unit to milling unit
  • Transfer of paint slurry from Dispersion/ Milling unit to Thinning Tank
  • Transfer of final paint slurry from Thinning tank to storage tank.
  • Fine grain pigments premixed with resins & other solvents i.e. oil, fillers, additives etc. are fed into feed tank which is then transferred to mixing unit by wide throat progressive cavity pump.
  • Mixer similar to large dough kneader with sigma blades mixes the entire batch of pigments and additives to form initial emulsion mixture paste.
  • A progressive cavity pumps is used to convey the initial emulsion mixture paste from mixing unit to the Dispersion / Milling Unit for further grinding & mixing.
  • The premixed paste is subjected to high-speed agitation by a circular, toothed blade attached to a rotating shaft. This process blends the pigment into the solvent.
  • A twin screw pump is used to transfer the resulting solvent from dispersion unit to the Tinting & Thinning tank where the solvent is subjected to agitation with thinner agents to produce the final product.
  • Finally, the finished paint product is transferred into storage tank by progressive cavity pumps for further canning, packing & shipping.
  • Industrial Rd/Rm Series Pump
  • High Pressure Rl Series Pump
  • Wide Throat Wm Servies Pump
  • Twin Screw Re Series Pump
Acrylic solution
Caustic soda lye
Coloring agent
Dispersion paint
Oil based paint
Oil paste
Paint emulsion
Paint premix
Paint slurry
Pigment slurry
Pigmented paints
Printing black
Printing colour
PVC paste
Waste water of dye stuff industry
Water paint
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