Pumps for Sugar Industry Manufacturer

The pulp laden juice of the sugarcane or sugar beet is condensed and converted to molasses. It is then treated with hot water to extract sugar. Roto’s Progressive Cavity Pumps are designed to smoothly transfer thick fluids like molasses, syrup melt, magma, mud, etc. with efficiency and ease.

The sugar industry requires wear-resistant and non-clogging pumps for trouble-free operations to cater to a wide array of applications. The entire process of making sugar also requires a continuous flow of media with varied thickness. Roto PC Pumps are well known and highly preferred by the customers to handle all types of media effectively.

The Roto Progressive Cavity Pumps are used in different stages of manufacturing sugar. These pump are used to transfer sliced/mashed raw material to the raw juice production unit. Dosing pumps are used for metered and accurate dosing of lime and carbonic acid. These pumps also help to transfer sugar to multi-stage evaporation units. Finally, the viscous molasses is also conveyed through the highly efficient wide throat progressive cavity pumps or gear pumps.

These pumps ensure smooth operations and trouble-free transportation of syrup with high sugar content.

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