Biomass Pump Range

Roto Biomass pump developed on the ‘Maintenance in place’ platform is used for recirculation of fermentation tank slurry and feeding to digestate storage tanks. This pump range is also available in a vertical configuration and it is used in open lagoons to transfer organic manure.


582 602 621 632/641 652 661/662 681 692 701 55
  Capacity m3/hr at 100 Rpm
4 6 11 17 23 24 36 44 47 242


Higher capacity & higher pressure pumps are also available on request.

Antiblock Arrangement

6 Opening Pump Housing


1. Quick Maintenance in Place Pump

2. Rotor, Stator & Joint parts can be easily replaced without dismantling suction and delivery pipelines

3. Heavy-duty Bearing Housing Directly Coupled with geared motor

4. Specially Designed Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal

5. Heavy duty Cardan Universal Joint with Reinforced Boot Seal and Protector Rings

6. Antiblock Arrangement at the Entry of Stator



1. Biomix Feed

2. Press Separator

3. Pasteurized Biomass

4. Condensed Substrate

5. Transfer of Digestate to Biomix Unit & Open Lagoon or Storage Tank

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