Roto Mining Station

A Complete Turnkey Solution for all your Mine Dewatering Needs

A Complete Turnkey Solution for all your Mine Dewatering Needs

  • Efficiently Pump Media at High Pressure; thus eliminating the requirement of using Multiple Centrifugal Pumps to achieve the same duty parameters.
  • Provide Better Resistance against Hypersaline Water & Abrasive Media.
  • High Pump Efficiency ensuring Low Cost of Operation.
  • The Pump can be used under Varying Pressure Conditions & still deliver close to the same Flow Rate which means the Pumpset can ‘Travel’ Down a Mine as the Depth Increases.
  • Solid Separation Tank to filter out Large Solids from entering Pump Suction.
  • Belt Drive & Pulley Design with Removable Pump Inspection Ladder.
  • Options available for Anti-Reversing Device & Float Level Transmitter.
  • 80% Reduced Maintenance Time in replacing Rotor & Stator.
  • Increased Manpower Safety.


Material of Construction

  • Tank Capacity – 4000 Litres
  • Tank – Mild Steel
  • Base Plate – Mild Steel
  • Line – Mild Steel
  • Gate & NRV Valves – Cast Steel
  • Pulley – Cast Iron
    Header – Mild Steel
  • Ladder – Mild Steel
  • Motor Mounting Stool – Mild Steel
  • Guard – Aluminium
  • Wire Mesh (Optional) – Stainless Steel 202
  • Dimensions (L*W*H) – 4253*2800*2570 mm


Pump Performance Range

Pump Model Max. Flow Max. Pressure
16 LPS 48 bar
28 LPS 36 bar


Material of Construction

  • Rotor –SS316 with Hard Chrome Plated
    Other Options Available – Duplex, Super Duplex & Tungsten Carbide Coating
  • Stator – Hard & Soft Natural Nitrile/Rubber Elastomer
    Other Elastomer Grades are also available as an option
  • Casing – Cast Iron, Fabricated Steel & Stainless Steel
    Other Options Available – Duplex, Super Duplex & Exotic Materials
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